Spiritual Mentorship

God has blessed us sisters with a community of women–truly sisters–to accompany, inspire and encourage us on our journey of faith … and God calls us to be companions and guides for you, too, as your sisters in Christ. Spiritual mentorship is what people know they are missing today…and a spiritual guide–something like a novice formator for lay people–is what they most long for to help them hear the voice of God in the chaos of their lives and follow it with confidence and courage. Four sisters have been assigned as your spiritual mentors.

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Sr. Kathryn James Hermes

Blessings! This is the way I sign off all my emails because I truly believe that we are drowning in God’s blessings. I have been a Daughter of St. Paul for almost 40 years. During that time I’ve struggled with health issues and depression. But most importantly I’ve struggled through the feeling of malaise and stagnation that are part and parcel of modern life. I accompany people through the HeartWork program so that they can once again experience the joy, love, and mercy they want for themselves or wish to show to others.

Whether we still struggle with the pain of past wounds, are working through relationships and situations that are dragging us down, or worrying about the future, we yearn for a life that is free, fulfilling, and fruitful. The trouble is that we often feel that we have a hole in our hearts that we can’t fill. We look for love, and it slips through our fingers. We try to give love to others, and no one wants it. We can’t believe that God really would love us. In my mentorship track you’ll receive the tools to be more present to your heart, to God, and to those you love.

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“God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavens” this quote from St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is something that I quote in almost every talk I give, at then end of all my emails, and it is a touchstone in my spiritual life.

The Lord has used this strangebut potentcombination of strength in weakness in the lives so many heroes: Our Lady, St. Paul, St. Thérèse, Pope Saint John Paul. This surprising “both and” combination smacks of the Lord’s “the first will be last…” And it’s the Good News that is both simple and shocking enough to impart real, renewal in us each time we open our hearts to hear. So in my spiritual accompaniment tracks we will be treating the greatand vitalcombinations of humility and faith, remembering and abandonment, gratitude and boldness as keys to engaging with the One who is madly in love with us.

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