Bringing Faith to Life

The cross bears down on us in endless ways. Whether we live under the heavy burden of chronic illness or stagger beneath the daily torrent of “little” frustrations – a traffic jam, a crying child, seasonal allergies – we all experience suffering. But how often do we draw strength from the truth that God suffers too? It is in His own suffering on the cross that we find meaning in this mystery. Join us as we learn to see our suffering as the very place where Christ comes to meet us, as the sacred path or “crosswalk” by which He leads us to greater intimacy with Himself, who is Love.

A little wisdom for the journey can go a long way. You’ll also find a daily dose of inspiration from your sisters in Christ – a story of faith, a clever insight, or a laugh or two – offered as a means to lighten your spirit, focus your heart, and help you reconnect with the God who is “with you always” (Mt 28:20).