Take your next step of faith with us through My Sisters: an interactive, personalized membership site with articles, videos, online retreats and prayer experiences, and more … all dedicated to helping you grow in your relationship with Christ and His Church.

This is what you will have when you belong to My Sisters:


Twice a week, the Daughters of St. Paul lead a live-streamed digital meeting on MY SISTERS on a topic related to spiritual growth and holiness, addressing the hard questions that members are asking.


MY SISTERS members pray together regularly with digital retreats and live-streamed prayers such as the Rosary and hours of adoration, in addition to learning how to lead a prayerful life.


As a digital community, MY SISTERS members share with one another the joys and struggles of life, supporting each other through prayer and friendship.


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Spiritual Mentorship

God has blessed us sisters with a community of women–truly sisters–to accompany, inspire and encourage us on our journey of faith … and God calls us to be companions and guides for you, too, as your sisters in Christ. Spiritual mentorship is what people know they are missing today…and a spiritual guide–something like a novice… Continue reading Spiritual Mentorship

Online Retreats

God is forever with you: sustaining you with His love, working for your good, and calling you deeper into relationship with Him. But His voice is soft, while our world — and the “noise” we carry within us — is loud. Step away for a few hours or an entire day with a live, online… Continue reading Online Retreats

Encountering the Lord

In the small Host is the One who made everything; He … [is] our Friend, our greatest Good, and our eternal Happiness” (Blessed James Alberione). Jesus is with us, and He wants to see you. Let us lead you into deeper conversation with Him through guided prayer experiences and Eucharistic Adoration, streamed live from Daughters… Continue reading Encountering the Lord


Through My Sisters, you can dive more deeply into these topics and more, together with a growing community of people seeking a deeper relationship with God, direction and clarity in their spiritual life, and a stronger sense of identity as beloved children of God and members of Christ’s Body.  

Bringing Faith to Life

The cross bears down on us in endless ways. Whether we live under the heavy burden of chronic illness or stagger beneath the daily torrent of “little” frustrations – a traffic jam, a crying child, seasonal allergies – we all experience suffering. But how often do we draw strength from the truth that God suffers… Continue reading Bringing Faith to Life

Jesus en mi Vida Diaria

Hma. Maria Ruth ha sido la voz de la alegría y la esperanza durante 25 años a través del programa de radio Jesus en mi Vida Diaria emitido en 17 países. Su voz, su sonrisa, sus palabras envían alegría y paz a los corazones. En todo el mundo anhelamos lo mismo: queremos saber que Dios… Continue reading Jesus en mi Vida Diaria

Walking with Mary

“Mary was created … to give Jesus Christ to the world” (Blessed James Alberione). We, too, are called to live in communion with Christ and share Him with all we meet. Let us walk with Mary, Mother of God and Mother of us all, and turn to her as our model and inspiration for how… Continue reading Walking with Mary