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Let my sisters be your sisters, too, and join us as in discovering the surprising and often hidden ways God is alive and at work in your daily life. Visit “My Sisters” on Facebook and sign up for a month of access to get a taste of the community. You’ll find a community of sisters dedicated to helping you discover, or rediscover, your identity as a beloved son or daughter of God.

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  • A living library of media, articles, livestreams and more on the topics that matter to you most, including: prayer and developing a personal relationship with God; discerning God’s will; finding God in suffering; the power of the Mass, the Sacraments and the Church; Mary’s role in our life of faith; the Theology of the Body; and how to share your faith in secular culture
  • Livestream retreats and prayer experiences with the Daughters of Saint Paul
  • Live mentorship sessions with the sisters
  • An online community to support and guide you on your journey

We are praying and sacrificing for you daily. May God bless you with every grace to know, believe, and live your personal call to holiness, in the company of Jesus and Mary.

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