Pauline Books and Media

When was the last time you felt God’s love for you or heard Him speak, distinctly and clearly, to your heart? Do you ever worry that you’re not following God’s will, or that you “messed up” or “missed out on” God’s plans for you? Are you struggling to find ways to live and share your faith in a world that doesn’t believe?

If you do, you’re not alone. Christians in every age have wrestled – and still wrestle – with these questions. There are no simple answers; then again, mere “answers” are not the true object of our search. We are searching for Jesus. Only Jesus can respond to our deepest questions: not with mere words but with the Word, the gift of himself.

Jesus wants to live the answers to your questions, in and through you. Find inspiration and guidance to help you hear and respond to his Voice at your nearest Pauline Books & Media Center, a ministry of the Daughters of Saint Paul. The Daughters of St Paul are a leading publisher of Catholic books for adults and kids (Pauline publishing), are renowned for their music (the Daughters of St Paul choir), and provide for Catholic schools and homeschooling groups access to Catholic book fairs through JClub).

Our Founder urged us to do our apostolate “on our knees.” It is Jesus living and burning with love in the Eucharist who infuses our mission with energy, inspiration, and grace.