When people visit one of our convents or Book and Media Centers, meet us in parishes or attend our Christmas concerts, they are amazed at the joy they find in the sisters of our community. Filled with the hope of the Gospel, we are also down to earth, tech-savvy, creative and consecrated, artistic with an eye for beauty wherever it can be found. We are rooted in the Word, Eucharistic, disciples of Christ in the spirit of St. Paul and under the motherly protection of Mary who is forever the Mother, Queen, and Teacher of apostles. We speak in everyday language about everyday issues, with our finger on the pulse of society’s struggles. We are with the Church, in the heart of the modern world, everyone’s sisters…prayerful, approachable, trusted, spiritual mothers.

In a world of financial and political crisis, degradation of the environment, unrestrained consumerism and the tragedy of human trafficking, poverty, wars, and the immense flow of migrants, we stand as sentinels of the Dawn which even now breaks upon us in the humble power and radiant glory of Jesus Christ.

There are many sacred spaces where our lives and ministry can intersect. We hope we see you there.

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My Sisters Facebook Group

My Sisters is an online community of faith for women and men, created by religious sisters and designed to nourish your relationship with God, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. Gain access to a living library of formation resources, prayer guides, livestream retreats and guided Eucharistic Adoration, videos, articles, live mentorship sessions… Continue reading My Sisters Facebook Group

Pauline Books and Media

When was the last time you felt God’s love for you or heard Him speak, distinctly and clearly, to your heart? Do you ever worry that you’re not following God’s will, or that you “messed up” or “missed out on” God’s plans for you? Are you struggling to find ways to live and share your… Continue reading Pauline Books and Media

Books are just books or, as in the case of books published at Pauline Publishing by the Daughters of St. Paul, books can be channels of God’s grace and the light and comfort of the Holy Spirit. Our Founder saw the work that he gave us as a form of preaching. In fact he told… Continue reading


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