Meet Us

Who are My Sisters? We are women in love with God because God is in love with us. We represent many nations, cultures and backgrounds, yet come together because the Lord has called us – each in a uniquely personal way – to leave everything behind so you may know the depths of His love. As consecrated religious sisters, we affirm the experiences and desires of all who search for God and offer a personalized, responsive, sacred “space” for women and men to encounter Christ anew. We invite you to get to know us and discover My Sisters as your companions and mentors on life’s greatest journey: the journey to union with Christ.

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Meet Your Sisters

Do you, too, face questions that keep you up at night? Questions like: What does God want in this situation? Where is God because he is certainly not answering my prayers? How can I love God more? I feel like I have disconnected pieces of knowledge about my faith. Is this the way it is… Continue reading Meet Your Sisters


“I have collaborated with the sisters in publishing a book, in helping train them with evangelization and discipleship, and just been friends. They are top notch. They’re awesome, wonderful, happy, very prayerful women who I trust and I love. And I hope you will consider joining them for this new endeavor, My Sisters. I couldn’t… Continue reading Testimonies

Beatitudes of My Sisters

Lord Jesus, How blessed are we that you see us and hear us – that you understand what we live and what we suffer because you’ve made our joys and sorrows your own. We believe we are never alone. How blessed are we to receive your support, companionship, and true presence as food for our… Continue reading Beatitudes of My Sisters