Easter, Everyday Grace

Everyday Grace: 3 Ways to Live the Resurrection

Hallelujah: Jesus suffered, died, and was buried, as the Church lived with him through the Triduum, and now has risen forevermore! We celebrated with joy yesterday, and yet now, on Easter Monday, we must ask ourselves the question: what now? We have the Easter Season stretching out before us, inviting us into new life. How do we live it?

  • Keep up the good work! Perhaps you picked up a devotional or some Scripture reading during Lent. We need that attention and focus all the time, as we navigate the ins and outs of daily life, so keep it up!
  • The light of Christ may have come into the world, but not everyone has seen it. This holy Easter season is a good time to pray especially for the evangelization of the world.
  • If our fasting in Lent and especially on Good Friday has taught us anything, it is that hunger is no joke. Show support for those experiencing food insecurity by donating to a local food bank or homeless shelter.

We are people of the light, we live in the sure knowledge of the Kingdom. Jesus asks us to share that light with the world. How will you do it, this Easter season?

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