Everyday Grace, Lent

Everyday Grace: 3 Ways to Prepare for Lent

Hard to believe, but Lent is right around the corner: Ash Wednesday is next week! So if like many of us you haven’t yet thought about your Lenten practices, now is the time.

Yet this year is unlike every other year, and this Lent may call for more introspection, more preparation. Rather than just rushing into what we’re going to “give up,” let’s also think about what we need.

  • As you prepare for Lent, ask God what your soul needs. Just ask, and just listen. It may take several days of asking before you get an answer. This Lent may be very different from others; stay open to how you can grow.
  • Ask God what about your life brings him joy. There are things you do and think that make God happy, even though you might not be aware of them. Again, listen for a response. These are things you’ll want to encourage this Lent.
  • Finally, ask God what the world needs. There are many ways of reaching out during Lent, and we all generally just go for the most obvious. 2021 may need to be different. Listen to what God wants you to do this year.

The Lenten season unfolds so many possibilities. It is a gift of renewal. By planning before it begins, we can enter Lent in that same spirit, a spirit of renewal, of love, and of change.

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