Everyday Grace

Everyday Grace: 3 Ways to Find Hope in 2021

For most people, 2020 was a year of trials, disasters, and fear, and many of us are concerned about what this new year will bring. But as Christians we are called to be a people of hope, and there are things that we can do to bring more light to ourselves and to those around us!

  • Pray first thing in the morning. If there’s no time for anything lengthy, then just start every day with a quick prayer. By doing that, you’ve changed the whole day already!
  • Don’t look for the pain. It’s all around us, and it can be overwhelming. Make it a point every day to look for the joy in the world and in your life. It’s there!
  • Get over yourself. The best way to find hope is to give it. Volunteer to do something in your parish or community. As the pandemic continues, there are options for helping out from the safety of your home, and there’s always someone who needs you!

Remember: we’re not the first ones to face difficult times, and nor are we alone. Jesus is with us, every day, every step, and our hope is built on his promises and his love. 2021 can be a year of celebration of God’s work in the world—if we make it happen!

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