Everyday Grace

Everyday Grace: 3 Ways to Deal with Loneliness

The holiday season brings a lot more than good cheer, gifts, and way too many carbs—the holidays can also often be times of intense loneliness, and this year, when the right thing to do is to be socially isolated, more people than ever are feeling lonely. What can we do for ourselves and others?

  • Do something to create: One contributor to feelings of loneliness can be a loss of sense of meaning. Sign up for an online course, create a family tree using genealogy websites, or start that art project you’ve been putting off.
  • Do something to serve others: Even with the pandemic on, there are ways you can help. One option issigning up to be an online volunteer through the United Nations.
  • Do something that brings you closer to God: We have the assurance that the Holy Spirit is always with an in us. How can you come closer to feeling that presence? You might try a new prayer book that will open different doors of devotion and spirituality.

In our loneliness we can see what needs there are and then determine how God can use us to meet them. There is so much to be done and God may have to put us in a lonely place for a season so that we can get a greater reason to serve.

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