Everyday Grace

Everyday Grace: 3 Ways to Set Your Intention

Advent marks the beginning of the Church’s new year, so while we don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions before Christmas, it’s not a bad idea to give some thought and prayer to intentions. What are your intentions for this coming year?

  • Discover a new devotion. As you progress in your spiritual life, at different times we need different guides. Pick up a saint’s biography, or just explore the lives and gifts of various saints online. You may be finding your new best friend!
  • Do an inventory and decide what matters. This year has been good for teaching us what is and what isn’t essential in our lives. Follow through by decluttering your mind and heart.
  • Make room for the unexpected. God touches us in many ways and through many people. Listen and try to discern where he is speaking to you.

Setting your intentions for the new liturgical year will help keep you on course. A very happy Christmas to all the Everyday Grace readers! You are all in our prayers.

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