Everyday Grace

Everyday Grace: Three Ways to Cope When Someone Dies

With over 216,000 deaths in the United States alone over the past eight months, there are few of us who haven’t experienced the loss of someone we care about. That loss is exacerbated by the covonavirus itself, which has meant that memorial services have become virtual Zoom events and family cannot gather to mourn the way we’re used to.

So how do you cope when someone you love dies?

  • Take care of yourself. This can be a dangerous time for you; many people experience a temporary “cognitive slippage” and none of us pays enough attention to eating, sleeping, driving, crossing streets.
  • Keep God with you. Keeping rosary beads in your pocket can be helpful. That immediate, physical touchstone recalls your mind and heart to God even when your feelings of grief and loss are overwhelming.
  • Celebrate life. Plant a flower, adopt a pet, volunteer some time, make a donation. In other words, do something positive. Death feels negative; it’s up to us to turn it around. 

We may have faith that those who have passed have been welcomed into the Kingdom of God, but that doesn’t take away the pain of losing them. What they would want is for their friends and relatives to remain healthy. So this is one thing you can still do for them.

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