Everyday Grace

Everyday Grace: 3 Ways to Help Your Heart

In difficult times, we often put our focus outside ourselves. We help people around us who need help. We do what needs to be done. But somewhere in there, we need to help our hearts. How do we do that?

  • Find the blessings. In every painful time, there are blessings. They don’t justify the pain, but when you keep your heart open to the goodness, you can see the way through. Whatever your struggle is today, claim your openness even to the blessings that have yet to appear and then give them room to come in.
  • Use your imagination to look past your anxiety and heart pain to what could happen when things change around you. Pray for a world in which everyone is healthy and secure. Share everything with God, and visualize your life in a new and healthier environment.
  • Read Scripture. There are passages in the Bible that are applicable to times like this… and to you. Read Psalm 9:9-10, Isaiah 40:31, Ephesians 6:10, and Psalm 107.

God loves you and wants to heal your deepest hurts. He wants you to experience his perfect peace and surrender your burdens to him. Lay each burden at his feet and release yourself from the yoke of hardship. Trust that the Giver of Life has come to heal, restore, and redeem your brokenness.

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