Everyday Grace

Everyday Grace: Your Keys to a Bright New Beginning

Along with whatever practices we’ve set ourselves for Lent, there’s something else that’s new, at least for us in the Northern hemisphere: the undeniable start to spring. Crocuses are starting to push their way through the winter’s detritus. Just as the new year brought resolutions, spring brings a sense that it’s time to start something new. We have some ideas:

  • Pray. Lent is penitential, but it doesn’t remove joy from our lives. Make it part of your practice to spend some time outside, feeling the new softer air, watching the natural world awaken. It is hard to not pray when you’re in a garden!
  • Let go. Coming into a new season and springing forward in faith means letting go of the old season. We can’t hang on to past hurts, past struggles, and past relationships and still move through the Lord’s new springtime garden.
  • Pray again. John Paul II wrote, “Jesus Christ is the new beginning of everything.” Feel Jesus’ presence in the new warmth of the sun, in the moments you linger in a park or garden, in the whole earth giving a chorus of joy. The joy is yours, too!

There is something to celebrate in the new life God brings with the spring. We are moving slowly, inexorably toward the Resurrection, and we have hints of it all around us. God bless and enjoy!

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