Everyday Grace

Everyday Grace: 3 Saints to Help With Your Winter Blues

Mid-February, and who doesn’t have the winter blues? It’s an odd in-between sort of time: even Candlemas is past, and Ash Wednesday won’t usher in Lent for another couple of weeks. And the grey days seem to go on forever! It’s not unusual to suffer from a mild depression in February, but here are three saints who might lend a hand:

  • Elizabeth Ann Seton: Did you know she struggled with thoughts of suicide during her bouts of depression in adolescence? Despite her difficult life, this saint never gave up, and she can help you persevere through tough times if you ask.
  • Benedict Joseph Labre: He tried and failed (10 times!) to enter religious communities, and once accepted into one he suffered from depression and scrupulosity. This is someone who lived a rough life and can help you with yours.
  • Jane Frances de Chantal: She was deeply depressed at her husband’s death but rallied and formed a religious congregation. She can certainly help you through your seasonal sadness—and more!

If you are experiencing clinical depression—as opposed to the winter “blues”—don’t just pray about it: seek psychological help as well. But if you’re just plain ready for spring, then invite these saints into your life and see if they don’t lighten the burden of winter!


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