Call on your guardian angel!

(Jeannette de Beauvoir and Sister Barbara sat down recently for a conversation about Sister’s experiences with her guardian angel and her thoughts in general about angels. These are notes from that conversation.)

When I was in Catholic school, the Sisters taught us about the angels: that they protect us, and that they praise and adore God. We learned about saints who had devotions to angels. We were told that we each have a guardian angel and that angels guides us throughout our life.


There was a painting in my bedroom of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, with pictures of angels guiding souls out of Purgatory. I always used to pray for the souls in purgatory that their guardian angel would come soon to lead them out of purgatory. I felt the presence of God when I was going to school, crossing the street, and I’m sure that sense of God’s presence came from my guardian angel.


As I got older, my guardian angel came to my aid a lot. I used to drive a lot, taking sisters to appointments and on various errands. A few times when we were in traffic on the highway and feeling frustrated and disappointed, we realized that had we gone a few miles up the road, we might have been in that accident. Our guardian angels were with us. Sometimes we don’t understand why things are happening; but God is leading us. Throughout the day I pray the prayer to the guardian angel, I said it as a child and I still say it today.


When I was in seventh grade our family was going to go to the beach. But the weather that day did not assure us of a sunny day. I went straight up to my room and asked why, why, why? The sun eventually came out that day, but it was too late in the day to go on our adventure. My mother suggested I go for a bike ride. I hopped on my bike and rode down the street and on the sidewalk in front of me I came upon a gift box with a medal of the Sacred Heart inside. I’d always wanted one! I checked at the drugstore right there and even asked people in the street if it belonged to them! Since no one knew where it had come from, I figured I could keep it.  I was so happy because I had always wanted a medal of the Sacred Heart! When I arrived home, I went upstairs and thanked Jesus for this gift. If we hadn’t stayed home from the trip to the beach, I would never have found the medal. I know it was my angel at work to make it possible.


St. Gemma and St. Germaine in particular had a closeness to their guardian angels, and of course Padre Pio, whose feast day we have just celebrated, had a great devotion to his guardian angel.


I love our book, Angels: Help from on High, because it gives such a beautiful account of devotion to angels and to our guardian angel. The book helps people know about angels in Scripture and how they can defend us from harm, inspire us with holy thoughts and teach us how to live holy lives.


I feel that we should be confident and full of reverence for our guardian angel.

We can recall the Annunciation when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce to her that she was to be the mother of God’s Son. It must have been frightening, and she must have been taken aback because the angel said to her the words, in the midst of the message, “Do not fear.” That message also pertains to us when God talks to us: he is asking us not to fear. We often hear God’s voice through the inspiration of our guardian angel. We are asked to trust God and to recognize God’s message through them.

Angels can teach us a holy fear of God. Not fear as in trembling and being afraid, but rather a holy fear of God, one of adoration and reverence towards our God, Creator and Lord, who is present everywhere and is also truly present sacramentally in the Eucharist. That holy fear is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. That’s what we can learn from the angels.


We can also learn from our angels how to show concern and care for others. For example, sometimes living in community, during meals and other sharing times, I actually an inner tug from my angel, when others are having a conversation. Something tells me to join in, and I say a silent prayer to my angel to guide me in the conversation. I even pray to the other person’s guardian angel so that what I say will be interpreted the right way.  Or sometimes I’m ready to go upstairs and I have a sense that I am meant to go another way. Almost every time I realized it was a true inspiration because I encountered someone who needed help.


Once two of us Sisters had a strong experience of the intervention of angels. We used to go door-to-door on evangelization. Upon entering a funeral home, one of the employees mentioned that his wife was dying and pleaded with us to find a priest as they weren’t church-goers. I could say it was a divine set-up! We called the priest and asked for a visit to their house. The man’s wife was able to make her confession and passed away in peace. I don’t consider this chance. We were led by an angel.


Our devotion to the guardian angels and to all the angels in general can be helped by reading lives of saints who had devotions to their angels. St. Gemma and St. Germaine, in particular, were close to their guardian angels, and, of course, Padre Pio, whose feast day we have just celebrated, had a great devotion to his guardian angel. One could google this information as well. This would enable us to pray to our guardian angel with greater confidence in their guidance and to praising and glorifying God as they do.


 In tight circumstances, my angel helps me find things. When I call on my angel in a moment of instant need, being mindful of the angel’s presence, I immediately get the needed help. I always tell my guardian angel if you come to my aid I will thank and praise God right away by praying, Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit immediately!


I would encourage souls who would like to acquire devotion to their guardian angel to read in Scripture from both the old testament and the new, quotes and happenings in the bible where the angels came as messengers, were leading the people of God, such as Israel as a nation, or Tobias in the book of Tobit and so on…. And in the New Testament, how Jesus was comforted by an angel in the Garden of Gethsemane, and there are many more examples that we can reflect upon in all of Scripture.




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