Everyday Grace

Everyday Grace: Losing That Resentment

It happens to everyone sometime. Someone wrongs us and we feel bitterness and resentment about what they’ve done. Eventually that can develop into a resentment of the person themselves, not just the action or situation that started the whole thing.

But how can you get rid of it?

  • Approach the person, not as someone who has wronged you, but as a child of God. Remember before you speak that God loves this person just as much as he loves you. That can help your sense of perspective.
  • If you cannot approach this person as beloved by God, you may want to take the time to pray for them. Prayer is sanctifying. God can burn off the dross of bitterness and help us love others.
  • Accept that nothing in the past can be changed, not for the other person and not for you. God allows us to start every day afresh. Can you do it, too?

Ultimately, the only person who’s getting hurt when you carry resentment around with you is… you. You don’t need to do that to yourself. Forgiveness isn’t something we do for others; we do it for ourselves, so we can heal and move on.



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