Everyday Grace

Everyday Grace: Stay with Easter!

We tend to see Easter, like Christmas, as a holiday rather than a season. We’ve been to Mass, celebrated the resurrection, enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt, eaten a sumptuous Easter dinner, and now we’re done. But the Church in its infinite wisdom invites us to live the Easter message in a season of joy. And why would anyone bypass joy? Here are three ways you can stay with Easter this year:

  • Connect Easter with spring. We’re all aware of the new life around us, as the first brave flowers make their brilliant appearance. It’s an obvious metaphor, and a good one: our new life in Christ is just as beautiful as the new life surrounding us. So fill your house with flowers as a reminder of the resurrection.
  • Pay attention. Have you noticed that the usual reading from the Hebrew Bible at Mass has been replaced by readings from the Acts of the Apostles? It’s to emphasize the role of the Church in our journey as Christians. This may be a good time to re-read the whole book; it’s our story, the story of our spiritual ancestors. We’re all interested in what Grandmother was like or when it was Uncle Paul joined the navy, so let’s take on our corporate geneaology too!
  • Keep the celebration going. Why not send out Easter cards or give your family Easter gifts now? It emphasizes the fact of Easter being truly 50 days and not just one. Add a note to explain that the card or gift is arriving now not because you are late, but because you’re right on time.

Easter is the most openly joyful time of celebration we have, a contrast to the background of the shadows and darkness of Lent and Holy Week. The Easter season is a living expression of the hope that God has brought into the world through the death and resurrection of Jesus. So let us rejoice and be glad!


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