Everyday Grace 3 Lessons from Martin Luther King, Jr.

We don’t have to be Baptists to learn important lessons from this Baptist preacher, any more than others need to be Catholic to learn important lessons from Saint Teresa of Calcutta. Some people’s faith and wisdom simply belong to the world as a whole. How can his principles of nonviolence inspire Catholics today? 

  • Our mission as Catholics seeks to defeat injustice—not people. Those who oppress are themselves oppressed. Today, pray for those who do evil, that their hearts might be open to the Good News of Christ and their lives transformed by his love. 
  • As trite as it may seem, choosing love instead of hate is essential. Jesus told us to love our enemies and do good to those who injure us. In these partisan times, it’s easy to hate “the other side.” Jesus never said we have to agree with them: he just said we have to love them. 
  • We need to work toward redemption and reconciliation. Our purpose is to seek the kingdom of God, and that means enlarging our community to include everyone in friendship and understanding.  

Is there someone you can reach out to—today? Someone who thinks differently from you, who might believe in something to which you are passionately opposed? Your nonjudgmental gesture might just prove their tipping-point. As Christians, we’re supposed to look and act differently from the culture around us. Martin Luther King Jr. knew that, and lived it. Can we? 

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