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Thirtieth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Does Jesus hear me when I call? The psalmist wrote, “When I call answer me, O Lord.” Being persistent in prayer shows our faith in the God who sees all and knows all. He will answer in a way that convinces me that God knows what is best. Lord, guide me on the way.

This is a meditation on this Gospel from one of my sisters:

“. . . many rebuked him, telling him to be silent. But he kept calling out all the more . . .”

Today’s Gospel has no red tape, no official procedures, no process to get things done. It’s plain and simple. Bartimaeus feels the fire of Jesus’ presence and sees possibilities for a new life. He begins to cry out, and he isn’t going to let the others in the crowd squelch that dream. Perhaps all the people following Jesus, maybe even the apostles themselves, are lazily listening, trailing behind the Master, soaking in what he says. Bartimaeus, however, wants action. He seizes the moment and takes Jesus at his word. Lord, I want to see!

Where are you? Is your discipleship lazily moving along? Does it involve only Mass on an occasional Sunday, extra donations here and there, Christmas and Easter celebrated in style, token comments on debates over issues that touch on morality? Or do you have a Bartimaeus type of discipleship? Do you go straight to Jesus? Do you tell him what you need, what you want? Do you know what you want, what you most deeply want? Do you have a vision for your life as a Christian? Are you growing, changing, maturing? Do you set goals? Do you have groups or companions for accountability? Do you live your relationship with Jesus as the most vital part of your life?

Jesus can make you aware, if you want to be. He can take away your blindness, deafness, confusion, and illusions. He can make your heart soft and compassionate. He can reinstate you in the community. He will do whatever it takes to bind you to him. Don’t just follow the crowd. Don’t just talk about Jesus and his agreeable sayings. Don’t just argue over newspaper headlines about the Catholic Church. Be a Bartimaeus Christian and get something done in your life. What do you really want? Take some time to reflect on that question because when you go to Jesus, he will ask you, “What do you want me to do for you?”

If you have enjoyed this meditation, you’ll find meditations on all the Gospels in the Ordinary Grace series  Ordinary Grace Weeks 18-34

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