My Sisters Gospel Reflection

Pentecost Sunday

Tomorrow our Holy Advocate, the Holy Spirit comes to fill us with grace and blessings beyond all telling! It is the great feast of Pentecost!  The Church asks us this great question: Is your heart open to the Holy Spirit? He has been sent to us through the door of salvation opened by the death and resurrection of Christ. Yet, like the apostles and disciples who had witnessed the marvels of the life, teaching, suffering, and death of the Lord, and then the glorious resurrection and ascension into heaven, we may have closed and locked our door. Why?

This is a meditation on this Gospel from one of my sisters:

It isn’t that we don’t believe all that Christ taught, or what we have experienced of the power of his grace in the sacraments and in our daily lives. It is perhaps that our faith has been awed by the realization of what has taken place. Salvation is more than we hoped for, we who live our days in this world.

We often plod along from day to day hoping for the best. We may only have a vague idea of what that best might be. Our daily concerns and cares may cloud our vision of faith. And so, we may be hiding in fear of the stunning act of love we have just lived in the Lenten and Easter seasons. Fear is a natural reaction. We fear our very fearfulness.

Today we open the doors of our hearts and let in hope and healing, like the sun’s rays coming through the clouds. It is now that the Holy Advocate comes to fill us with wisdom, fortitude, and zeal. The Spirit will bring all these things to our minds. He will strengthen our resolve to live as true followers of Christ, and fill our heart with fire.

If you have enjoyed this meditation, you’ll find meditations on all the Gospels of the Easter season in Easter Grace.



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