My Sisters Gospel Reflection

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Tomorrow we celebrate the sixth Sunday of Easter. “Remain in my love.” Jesus is in the upper room with his apostles. In a little while he will lay down his life for them, but they don’t understand. Jesus doesn’t talk too much about what is going to happen to him. Rather, he is concerned about how his disciples will cope with his death.

So what does Jesus do? He invites them to remain in his love—to make his love their permanent dwelling place. The love of the Father is his permanent dwelling place. Nothing and no one can change that—not even his impending death. But his disciples must know that the Father’s love is meant to be their permanent dwelling place too.

This is a meditation on this Gospel from one of my sisters:

Imagine! Jesus invites us to “hang out” in his love. Have you ever thought about where you regularly hang out interiorly? We actually might have several interior hangouts. Perhaps we dwell in guilt, anxiety, fear, resentment, self-preoccupation, or concern about what others think of us. In those places, our mind feeds on negative thoughts and our hearts are held captive to emotions that keep us closed in on self and unaware of God and those around us.

Jesus offers us another hangout, a place of real security no matter what the situation is around us. That place is in the Father’s love. What would my day look like if I really remained in the Father’s love? Might I be on the lookout for all the creative ways he was using to show me his love: the sunrise, the hot cup of coffee in the morning, the reassuring word of a friend, the difficult task I was able to finish, the coworker who apologized to me for a misunderstanding that happened days ago? Might I “run into his love” when I felt hurt, rejected, like a failure, misunderstood? Might I think of him more often during the day and try to find ways to let that love flow through me to others? Hanging out in the Father’s love could totally change my life!

If you have enjoyed this meditation, you’ll find meditations on all the Gospels of the Easter season in Easter Grace.

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