Blessing the Hours

Consider doing the hours. Actually, I am not referring to the Church’s official prayer, the Office or Liturgy of the Hours. I am thinking of the practice of blessing the hours of the day. You may not be able to concentrate on each of the twenty-four, but when it occurs to you that the hour has changed, offer a little prayer: “Thank you, God, for a rockin’ ten,” or “My praise for a lovely eleven!” Each hour brings us some blessing. It might be a moment of joy and laughter with a friend, a chance to share a family meal, or an opportunity to practice a needed virtue. And beyond this, each one of them has brought us deeper into the gift of life, holding out the graces prepared just for us by our loving God. Each tick of time marks a heartbeat, a step closer to our blessed destiny.

TIP from My Sisters: Try blessing the hours today.


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