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Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Tomorrow is the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time. It’s hard to believe that after such a wondrous Christmas season we are settled once more into Ordinary Time. But, really, can there ever be an “ordinary” time after the birth of Christ?

In tomorrow’s Gospel we will hear John the Baptist point out Jesus as the Lamb of God to his own disciples. And these two, John and Andrew, were curious, searching, and determined enough to follow after Jesus to ask him where he lived. These were the first two disciples!

All of us follow upon the courage of these two. (See John 1:35-42.)

This is a meditation on this Gospel from one of my sisters:

Breathing deeply, I place myself into this scene of the Gospel. I listen and watch, knowing that it is good for me to be here. The word is alive, is vibrant, and I want this life-giving word to be part of my life. So I take my life to the word and with the Teacher’s help, place myself into this scene.

I see John as he stands with two of his disciples. I don’t need to go and stand with them. Rather, I watch and see what is going to happen. He has just told them, “Behold, the Lamb of God.” It calls for a response. It’s quite a statement, quite an invitation. It calls for even more excitement and gratitude than if someone told me, “I’m going to give you two free tickets to the New York City Ballet . . . or to the Super Bowl.” Yes, I would respond and be grateful! But here is John, offering something entirely more wondrous, saying, “Look, there goes the Lamb of God. Don’t miss this. Look alive, pay attention.”

I’m glad to see that the disciples are attentive; they leave John and followed Jesus. Not only are their eyes and ears open, but also their hearts. They speak to the Teacher, they follow him, they stay with him. We know too, through the various stories of the New Testament, that they continued to listen and to follow him, even amid confusion and misunderstanding. They continued to respond to the invitation that I am witnessing today: “Behold . . . .” They continued to be attentive and to appreciate the gift offered to them, the unimaginable gift of following Christ closely.

Ordinary Time may be “ordered” (as in numbered and organized), but it is certainly not “ordinary.” I am being called to follow the Lamb of God, to throw my lot in with his, to walk in his blessed steps.

-Sr Kathryn J. Hermes, FSP

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