Welcome to My Sisters

An online community
devoted to helping you meet Christ
and experience his love in your daily life.

Created by the religious sisters of the Daughters of Saint Paul, My Sisters is a portable and accessible “sacred space” for asking the big questions, exploring the faith, and nurturing your identity as God’s beloved one, no matter where you are in your walk with the Lord.

Join us and enrich your spiritual journey to encounter the hidden and marvelous mystery of God’s love at work in your everyday life.

My Sisters CTA3

“People often ask us why we are so happy. What fills religious sisters with joy? The answer is Jesus. ‘My Sisters’ is a unique platform that can connect you with a variety of religious sisters. We will laugh and cry with you, share the fruits of our prayer and spirituality, and help you to find happiness as you grow in your faith and love for Jesus.”

Sr Theresa Aletheia, FSP author The Prodigal You Love

We Will Laugh and Cry With You

“I have collaborated with the sisters in publishing a book, in helping train them with evangelization and discipleship, and just been friends. They are top notch. They’re awesome, wonderful, happy, very prayerful women who I trust and I love. And I hope you will consider joining them for this new endeavor, My Sisters. I couldn’t give it any higher marks.”

Marcel LeJeune, author of Cleansed

The Sisters Are Top Notch